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After one month and 64 soccer matches played, and it is Germany who achieves the coveted title of FIFA 2014 World Champions. Coming into the tournament as #2 ranked in the world, they captured the World Cup Trophy after scoring 1-0 in overtime in the exciting final game with Argentina.jules rimet trophy

The trophy comes as the second redesign in all of FIFA’s history. The original trophy – named the Jules Rimet Cup after the former FIFA president – was a miniature statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The body was forged in sterling silver and plated over in pure 24K gold, which stood on a base of carved blue lapis lazuli. FIFA regulations at that time stipulated that any country that wins three times would be awarded the Cup permanently; just that happened in 1970, the year that Brazil won their 3rd championship and took the cup home. Unfortunately, in 1983 the cup was stolen in Rio de Janeiro and has never been seen again.

The current trophy has thus been used since 1974, but no longer carries the possibility of being owned by any one country as it remains the permanent possession of FIFA.

fifa trophySilvio Gazzaniga, the Italian creator of the current trophy, describes the depiction as thus: “The lines spring out from the base, rising in spirals, stretching out to receive the world. From the remarkable dynamic tensions of the compact body of the sculpture rise the figures of two athletes at the stirring moment of victory.”

According to FIFA’s official website, the trophy stands at over 36cm tall and made of a whopping 6.175kg of 18 karat yellow gold, which is worth approximately $175,000. The German team will be taking home a gold-plated replica of the trophy, while the actual trophy will remain at FIFA headquarters to only be used at the official ceremonies.




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CufflinksCufflinks have become less common in recent years as people have opted for the convenience over style. Wearing cufflinks shows an attention to detail and a certain panache. There are many styles to choose from depending on your look and personality. They make excellent gifts too.

Cufflinks can be worn as kissing cuffs (creating a teardrop shape to the cuff) or barrel cuffs (folded over like a regular button cuff . There are many styles from silk knots, to chain link, bars and torpedos. They can be made from metal, gemstones, glass and acrylic. Try matching a coloured link with your tie, or choose a link that compliments your belt buckle.

Designer Scott Kay has the world’s largest selection of cuffwear. Always on the forefront of today’s trends, Kay is an artist with principles always looking for honest designs that are interesting and are a pleasure to wear and to own. Known as a pioneer in wedding jewellery, he has extensive fashion collections, each piece beautifully hand-crafted in the USA with unrivalled attention to detail.

For men, by men, this jewellery is rugged, edgy, stylish. No matter what your occupation, these pieces speak to the heart of the man inside.

Kay’s cufflinks are sterling silver, cast and engraved by hand on every side.

“Scott Kay Engraved Sparta Octagon Filigree”

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