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Faberge, one of the world’s most recognized fine artist jewelers, have unveiled a new creation of their iconic Imperial Eggs. The lucky attendees of last week’s Doha Watch and Jewellery Exhibition in Qatar witnessed the first debut of the extraordinary masterpiece: the $2 million Pearl Egg.

Using a combination of white and yellow gold, the meticulously crafted egg features a total of 139 natural white pearls, gleams with a mother-of-pearl finish and adorned with over 3,300 diamonds and hand-carved rock quartz. The centerpiece is an incredibly rare, unique 12.17-carat natural grey pearl sourced from the Arabian Gulf. To reveal it, the outer egg shell is rotated on the base which allows the six sides to flower open simultaneously to reveal the treasure; reminiscent of how an oyster opens to reveal its’ cultured pearl.

The House of Faberge collaborated with the Al-Fardan family to create this egg in honor of the upcoming centenary marking the last Imperial Egg ever made. A renowned pearl collector and connouisseur, Hussain Ibrahim Al-Fardan personally hand-selected each pearl from his family’s collection to be used in making the Pearl Egg.

The Pearl Egg is the first imperial class egg made in almost a century – the last imperial class egg was created in 1917, under the supervision of Peter Carl Faberge himself. The Karelian Birch, also referred to as the “Birch Egg”, was commissioned by the last Tsar of Russia Nicholas II, intended as an Easter gift to his mother, the Empress Maria Feodorovna. The February Revolution began before the egg could be delivered, signalling the end of the imperial era of Russia and subsequently, Faberge’s eggs.


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NecklaceTo highlight the birthstone of June Christies London Auction sells a pearl necklace for $1.64 million! The entire auction was 77% sold by lot and another 90% sold by value. Another gorgeous item was a diamond natural pearl brooch that came to $663,829. Along with the pearls a antique sapphire diamond necklace sold for $461,869. The entire lot of 278 items came to a grand total of $13.4 million. Keith Penton, head of the London jewelry department, said in a statement. “The results illustrate the continued strength in the market for natural pearls.”

Natural pearls are a rare and beautiful item.  Their consistent stream in the fashion department dates all the way back to the Han Dynasty in 206 BC. Pearls have been found and sought out after in areas like the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and South China Sea. Before the 20th century pearl hunting was the most common way of reaping the sweet rewards of an oyster to find it’s pearl. Divers would manually pull oysters from the ocean floor but not all mussels and oysters produce pearls. After hauling three tons only three or four oysters would produce the perfect pearl. Not all pearls are round either the ideal pearl is perfectly smooth and round but many other shapes of pearls exists that are named baroque pearls.

A pearl is formed inside of the shell of an oyster by way of defense mechanism against irritation. When a foreign substance slips into the oyster between its mantle the oyster reacts to protect itself. The foreign substance gets covered in layers of nacre (calcium carbonate) produced from its mantle to seal off any irritation. Nacre is secreted repeatedly many times which produces layers and layers of build up producing a stunning pearl. Since the foreign substance isn’t always perfectly round then pearls can form in different shapes depending on the radius of the substance placed inside.

It is the finest quality of pearl that makes it to the gemstone and jewellery line and the world agrees in loving them for their fine, rare, admirable and valuable qualities.

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