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DiamondsBuying a diamond for the first time is a scary thought to most. A venture into a world that you are aware of, but been happily oblivious to – until of course, you decided you want to propose. Naturally, many turn to the internet for research on the 4 C’s, until your head is exploding with all the information on clarity, color, proportions and carat weight.

Here’s the thing though – none of that matters until you set a budget. Just like a wedding, there should be a planning process that goes into buying a diamond and steps taken before you set foot into a jewelry store.

How do you set a budget? The old adage claims that it should be 2 months salary, but in reality whatever you are comfortable spending is the right amount. Then, you can focus your time to finding the nicest diamond possible for your money. If you do not set a budget before going into a jewelry store, you are likely to end up frustrated or disappointed. The sales associate may show you a beautiful ring you love, but find out that it is much more than you want to spend – then you will be disappointed. If you tell them your budget right off the bat, then they will show the ones that you can afford and be able to compare rings within that range, instead of with the unattainable.

One situation that is common: you know that your girlfriend wants a certain shape that is at least X amount of carats. You set out to find such a stone for the least amount of money possible. The truth is, many people have no real concept of diamond size. Try managing your girlfriend’s expectations by browsing a jewelry store to see diamonds in person, of different carat weights to compare. Say for instance, she has expressed that she wants a 2 carat round diamond, and your budget is around $10,000. You have a choice to buy a low quality, dull diamond that is 2 carats or a very nice quality, white sparkling diamond of around 1 carat. The choice is ultimately up to you. Be realistic with what you can buy with your budget, bigger is not necessarily better.

A trusted jeweler with solid credentials is your best ally in finding the perfect engagement ring. Try to find a jeweler who has formal gemology training, the best would be a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) or Certified Gemologist from the GIA or AGS. They will have the knowledge base and tools to source suitable diamonds. The best ones will be able to work with your budget to find you the best stones.

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Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie is following the footsteps of celebrity ambassadors such as Oprah and Madonna by opening schools for girls in Afghanistan. She has opened one already and plans to open another funded by none other than a spectacular jewelry line that goes on sale this week.

She has joined forces with goldsmith Robert Procop who designed and made the engagement ring given to her by Brad Pitt in 2012. Jolie passionately explained to E! celebrity website that “Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving a mutual goal of providing for children in need” .

The funds from the sales are dedicated to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict which is a foundation set up by Jolie herself.

The line is showcased on Robert Procop’s website and in Kansas City jewelry store Tivol. and called “The Style of Jolie” featuring versions of the black and gold necklace worn by the actress to the premiere of her 2010 movie “Salt”.

The website suggests that the line is designed to celebrate the “sensual elegance, serene confidence and incomparable spirit” of Jolie through the use of contrasting lines both curvaceous and dramatic to capture the essence of the feminine archetype.

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JewelrySymbolic jewelry takes on a whole new meaning with boyfriend bling – how better to show the world you are in love than by wearing your sweetheart’s name or initials in a piece of jewelry. From dog-tag nameplate necklaces to small initial earrings, there are many possibilities to show how much you care.

Celebrities that have been spotted flaunting their love with boyfriend jewelry include Jessica Biel, seen with a “Justin” diamond nameplate necklace in honor of her fiancée, Justin Timberlake, and Kim Kardashian, who wore small diamond earrings in Kanye West’s initials. While Jennifer Aniston’s ring actually features her name, husband Justin Theroux wears an identical ring with his name – a sort of coordinated independence.

For those who are happily single or the idea of wearing someone else’s name doesn’t appeal to you, consider other word or initials. You could have a pendant with your own initial, like this Lori Bonn pendant necklace. It would also make a great matching gift for a sister, mom, or best friend.

You could also get a plain bar necklace or bracelet and have a jeweler engrave it for you with whatever you like – popular words include hope, faith, love, peace. Nameplates or initials are a popular personalized gift idea for bridesmaids as well, while still achieving the uniformity of the look.

There are many possibilities to express yourself through jewelry. Choose a jeweler who offers hand engraving to customize your piece even further, like a small, specialized boutique jewelry store who is more focused on quality than a jewelry store in the mall.

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initial necklace You might have heard or you might not, but it’s very common now to get a “new mommy” or “push present” for baby mama. It is usually given by the husband to wife after she “pushes” the baby out. The tradition of gift-giving to commemorate a birth has long roots in England and India. In a babycenter survey, 30% of new mothers receive a push present while over 50% pregnant mothers wanted one. This present can be anything, as long as you know her taste. If a woman is the practical type and likes gifts that are both useful and thoughtful, consider buying her what she would truly appreciate when the baby is born, like a massage, cleaning help, babysitting help, or a new, comfortable, machine-washable, non-maternity outfit.

If, on the other hand, we’re talking about a wife who loves jewellery and accessories, he can consider an inexpensive charm bracelet or necklace/bracelet with the baby’s name and/or birth stone, which he can add to with each subsequent child’s birth or other important occasions. An eternity diamond ring or half eternity diamond band is also a good idea, especially if you put a natural pink diamond in it if the baby is a girl or a brown/blue/black for a boy, you get the idea. Choice is endless, best to consult with a jewellery professional who understands it’s an important and emotional purchase. In Vancouver, a lot of jewellery stores are very commercialized, it’s a good idea to find a local Vancouver boutique type of jewellery store who will probably accommodate you more, listen to what your needs and help you from there. This gift doesn’t have to be expensive like these push presents celebrities have reportedly being given.

We are sure these new mothers would appreciate the thoughts husbands put into it and feel appreciated, in whatever he chooses!

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Diamond RingValentine’s Day is just around the corner and when it comes to the season of love, pulling out all the stops for your loved one includes popping the question. In fact, the latest American Express report found that six million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14. Once the actual proposal is planned out, finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner is essential in getting that desired response.

Here are five tips to help you get through the daunting task of picking out the ring:

1. Know your budget. You don’t need to have the exact number in mind, but a range will make the selection process a lot easier for you and the jeweller.

2. Know her style/taste. Take a peek into your loved one’s jewelry box and take note of the type of jewelry she already wears. Is she more classic or modern? Feminine or sophisticated? What would go well with her wardrobe and her lifestyle? You can also be sure to take note of any references she makes about jewelry, fashion and style.

3. Know the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. You don’t need to walk in with a gemology degree but a basic understanding of what contributes to a diamond’s value and appearance is helpful. There is a fifth “C” which is confidence in the jewelry supplier/retailer. A reputable jeweler who is a member of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS) can advise you on your purchase.

4. Know each other. Decide whether or not you want to shop with your partner or shop alone and if the surprise element is important for your proposal. This is a big decision but there is no right answer.

5. Know your jeweller. The last tip is perhaps the most important. It is crucial that you go to a jewelry store with a trusted and reputable jeweler. You should feel comfortable asking questions with your jeweler and discussing the entire process with them. Jewelry can be customized to fit a variety of lifestyles, budgets and circumstances. Be sure that you get exactly what you want through consultations and strong communication.

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